The Right Way to Use SWITCH Function in Excel

The SWITCH function is one of the Logical functions in Excel. The SWITCH function allows you to compare an expression to a list of values and return the corresponding result to illustrate how to use the SWITCH function, let’s look at an example Here we have a list of topics Let’s use the SWITCH functionContinue reading “The Right Way to Use SWITCH Function in Excel”

How to HLOOKUP Function in Excel

HLOOKUP is one of Excel’s more powerful Lookup functions If your data is organized into horizontal rows, you can use the HLOOKUP function to search for a value in the first row of your data table and return a corresponding value from another row. The easiest way to understand this function is to look atContinue reading “How to HLOOKUP Function in Excel”

Tough Time with Incorrect Decisions

Life is really very difficult if you make incorrect decisions in your life related to your career. Some people spend lot of their time in education still end up doing nothing because these days jobs are not only dependent upon the degrees and diplomas but on your skills and knowledge about the industry as well.Continue reading “Tough Time with Incorrect Decisions”

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